Hotel Le Dune Piscinas – Sardinia

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along the Costa Verde (Green Coast) from Arbus to Guspini the industrial past and the beauty of nature interweave to create a unique protected site declared UNESCO heritage site

the waves of a crystal-clear sea, ranging from light-green to deep-blue, gently lap the shores of a seaside desert surrounded by imposing sand dunes

further inland, a few hundred yards from the shore, a veritable open-air museum features ruins and rusty machinery half buried in the sand, silent witnesses to centuries of struggle but also to great dignity and hope.

the coast, where the hotel Le Dune Piscinas is located, has remained untouched

along the coast huge boulders of varying shape and size are interspersed with long stretches of beach dotted with watchtowers built by the Barbary pirates

the hotel Le Dune Piscinas is located in a region which reaches to the north Punta S’Aschivoni and includes the sand dunes of Pistis and the large beach of Torre Corsari

it has been declared SIC (European Site of Interest) due to its environmental value in the CEE. The SIC area overlaps the “Parco Geominerario Storico Ambientale della Sardegna” (Sardinian Geo-mineral Historic Environmental Park) declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO

in this unique fabric where history and nature are beautifully interwoven, Le Dune Piscinas offers unforgettable experiences while discovering the territory on foot, by quad-bike or by off-road vehicle according to the guest preference

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