Hotel Le Dune Piscinas – Sardinia

Discovery Piscinas

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the industrial past is woven together with the beauty of nature along the Costa Verde. From Arbus to Guspini on the west of Sardinia a desert and a pristine, crystal-clear sea embrace the hotel Le Dune Piscinas on the backdrop of massive dunes where the majestic Sardinian deer rules as king

just beyond the dunes, an open-air museum features grandiose ruins and rusting machinery semi-buried in the sand, mysterious tunnels, abandoned roads. And, as if in a mirage, in this fascinating landscape there appear some architectural jewels: an elegant liberty villa and a number of 19th-century buildings showcasing exquisite frescoes and stuccos, their beauty still intact

the offer Discovery Piscinas includes 3 or 7 nights in the room of your choice, a bottle of champagne and a basket of fruit upon arrival and:

a typical local dinner, wines not included

a taste of local cheeses and cold cuts washed down with regional wines or beers

a trekking hike to the mine town of Ingurtosu

on top of that, for a 3-night stay, we offer:

exploration of the territory on quad-bike or, alternatively, an experience of marine biology and snorkelling

whereas, for a 7-night stay, we also offer:

exploration of the territory on quad-bike

a marine biology experience and introduction to scuba diving

a night-time field trip on a 4-wheel drive vehicle to sight the Sardinian deer or, alternatively, a hike to discover nature

starting from €560.00 per person (minimum 2 guests)

check room availability for the chosen period choosing between:

Discovery Piscinas 3 nights

Discovery Piscinas 7 nights


further details on offer trips and activities can be found on the page “experiences”