Hotel Le Dune Piscinas – Sardinia


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Le Dune Piscinas is an extraordinary location, both for its history – dating back to the 19th-century mines – and its unique surrounding: the highest dunes in Europe and a long and immaculate stretch of golden sand beach, UNESCO heritage site

a veritable paradise for all those who, instead of a crowded and chaotic vernissage, would rather have the unforgettable beauty of a sunset at the seaside when the water suddenly burns a deep crimson, perhaps while savouring a skilfully prepared cocktail

Le Dune Piscinas is a place beyond time, where one can find and rediscover himself, the others and the world around him: nature, the sea and the Sardinian deer that, in the morning, have a quick dip in the sea to lick its salt

all the above make of Le Dune Piscinas the perfect location for events, meetings and brainstorming sessions as nothing and nobody will distract those in attendance from the objectives set by the organizers

our 27 rooms, the meeting hall that holds 40 and the large indoor and outdoor areas offer the right comfort to the managers and executives attending the meetings both during the productive working hours and the free time dedicated to relax on the beach, to yoga sessions, to discovering the surrounding territory and the mines riding a quad-bike or just to tasting great wines and exquisite Sardinian cheese

it is a perfect location to amaze the attendees and offer them an extraordinary experience, immersed in a still untouched surrounding while savouring high quality local cuisine, rich in flavours and memories. A sensorial voyage which will not be easily forgotten

Le Dune Piscinas offers exclusive use of its premises for corporate meetings, team-building sessions, training courses, launch events, film shooting sets, weddings and ceremonies

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