Hotel Le Dune Piscinas – Sardinia

Piscinas Romantic

Sunset, Le Dune Piscinas - Le Dune, Piscinas, Arbus, Sardinia, Hotel Le Dune, Le Dune Resort, Hotel Sardinia, Holidays in SardiniaLe Dune Resort Piscinas, Sardinia

Piscinas offers the wildest and most passionate Sardinia. Dunes, trees and bushes of Juniper, Pistachia Lentiscus and Aleppo pines, coupled with a pristine, crystal-clear sea, offer a stunning backdrop to pleasant silences enriched with colours and fragrances

and then the sunset, when the golden sand is tinted in red and the sky exudes poetry and emotions: impossible not to be moved by its splendour!

the hotel Le Dune Piscinas will take you by the hand through this unique and enchanted stage offering 2, 3 or 7 nights in the room of your choice, with champagne bottle and basket of fruit upon arrival and:

every night an aperitif chosen by the guest to enjoy while admiring the sun setting on the sea of Piscinas

a romantic dinner in a reserved and evocative setting with a bottle of champagne

an “energy back massage” (25 mins)

on top of that, for a 3-or-more night stay we offer:

a dinner of lobster (wines not included);

a “pure body emotional touch” massage (80 mins)

for a 7-night stay we also add:

a “relaxing massage” (50 mins)

starting from €360.00 per person (minimum 2 guests)

check room availability for the chosen period choosing between:

Piscinas Romantic 2 nights

Piscinas Romantic 3 nights

Piscinas Romantic 7 nights



further details on offer trips and activities can be found on the page “experiences”